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Melting glass is the best thing ever.

I started out melting glass in the remote outback town of Fitzroy crossing,Western Australia.

One of the hottest towns on Earth on,probably not the best idea at the time,however a series of events had lead me there.

All I like doing is waking up and melting glass all day.The satisfaction of creating something from one of the most difficult mediums to master,is a real challenge to me.I am so fortunate to be able to do this in these challenging times.

I taught myself glass, as I did pottery and silk screening, my train of thought was art is not something that can be taught, techniques can but they can also be figured out over time, which in doing the latter, leads to discoveries of new things within the medium. Besides, life is too exciting when you are young to be in school.

I always endeavour to come up with new, original things, to keep it interesting for myself and clients alike.The amazing world we live in,our global home, has all the inspiration we need in it,if we look after it.

I have always been creative since I was a child,making things was a great escape.I have been incredibly lucky too.Amazing opportunities, good people and the right things at the right time, have put me where I am today.Even things that were unfortunate,I am now grateful for, as they all have paved part of this life's journey. 

It has always been a tight squeeze to survive in the glass art game, but I could not think of a better way to spend a lifetime.

Most nights are spent sketching out ideas in a bunch of sketchbooks.Working out how to assemble something is difficult with this medium,as there are no textbooks on how to make new things.Constantly stepping out of my comfort zone is a challenge too.I have never been one for making the same popular item,over and over again.If I did I would be rich.The real driver for me is to try and amaze people,make them wonder how it was made,that is why I do what I do.I think it goes back to show and tell at school as a child,I used to love that shit.